Old stuff

Yesterday I traveled a far and long path to brave my mother’s basement, the basement that I am convinced is where all spider nightmares go for vacation.  I went threw alot of my old stuff.  Not too much because I wanted out of there before anybody got home, grabbed a couple of boxes and an old laptop bag full of old journals and random things.  When I wrote alot and doodled when bored and nothing came to mind I would write random things on scrap paper, so far these are my favorite finds.. random and just plain me, no heavy thinking was involved

Here is a couple of them

I’m just sitting here making airplanes, paper ones that crash, why wont they fly?  I folded them the way the website told me and still they just crash.  Now I’m just sitting here watching people laugh at me, I was not trying to make a bad stunt plane, I did not wish to entertain.. I wanted a glider.

Now I am sitting out here crashing other peoples airplanes.


Anybody have a muse for sale? mine is on strike and since I can not meet its demands (better pay, better management, and less eraser) there is no crossing the line anytime soon.  This is a horrible standoff




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