Sky prompt.. I know very original title

Sky, a three letter word I should write about for today’s one word prompt, I have never been good at writing about what someone tells me to but hey I started this because I want to improve as a writer and get back into like I used to be.  So I will try new things and things I never felt I succeeded in.

I could write about how the sky is the limit to only those who can not see their full potential, or I could write about the big man in the sky but I don’t believe in that.  I think and I strongly believe (I sometimes doubt when my mood is low) if you want to look into the sky and believe that someone is there looking over you and helping you along, try looking up and seeing the figure as you.  You are the one looking down at, you are the one helping you choose your own path.  Imagine that you are the reason the world is here and you are in charge of your destiny, trust in yourself.  Low self confidence carries a lot of doubt.

The sky is big and unknown to most and it is full of so much wonder, and so many people find it to be a inspiration.  I know that people are and should live the life they choose to live and believe whatever they choose to believe, the world is full of so many people and so many beliefs.  I personally will not spend my time or my whole life doing everything by the book so I can get into this afterlife that I can not know and I will not see until I die, what about what about this life? I do know and all these things that I can see right in front of me  That’s what I choose to live for.

So when I look up into the sky I know that this world is big, bigger than you and I, but my biggest belief will always be in me.


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