Simply put, not my best work

“Life is simple, you just have to stop trying to figure it out”  -Marty Robin-

Simple is what you make it, where do you find the most joy and happiness from? Do you look at and treat little things in life like there big, big things like their small?  You should, I do.  Is it easy to find a solution to a problem?  Why yes it is actually very simple.  Slow down and stop over complicating it, if you’re struggling to find the answer and solution then most likely your problem is difficult enough and already complicated right? Don’t make it worse by over-thinking it, slow down make list mental of on paper and figure it out.  Get someone elses point of view or take a look at it likes it not your issue, and you really need to help a friend figure it out, make it simple like you would for them.

Definition of simple: not hard to do or understand, not having many parts, not complex.  Everyone is going to define that differently.  simplicity is relative, what I might find as simple you may not or vice versa.  Lets say I make plans to go out to simple dinner with some friends at a local dinner easy enough, we go eat, now lets say a famous musician wants to go out and eat with family or friends at a local dinner, they wont find it as easy, being recognized, people wanting autographs and pictures or just to tell them how much they love the music, although this is what comes with fame it’s not as simple to enjoy.

This was supposed to be my word of the day from my friend captain for yesterday, but I woke had coffee and conversations with my roommate, took a shower to get up and going, more coffee, in my view provided much need entertainment while she painted a ceiling, then we put on respirator face mask and started tearing plaster off a brick wall in the house, dusted ourselves off,  drank coffee, cleaned up the mess, dusted ourselves off again, another cup of coffee,  watched in amazement as someone power washed to the pool deck (it looks brand new, awesome) cleaned up, went to dinner, waved at every person we passed on the way, came home, took a short walk and I realized I never wrote about the word simple then I realized it’s ok I had what to me was a simple day and I went to sleep.

This is my third attempt at writing about the word simple, the first time I over thought it and i made it complicated.  Second attempt was pathetic and pretty much same as the first, way too much thought. What am I doing? WHy did I make this so hard? I LOVE the word simple, I love saying it and I love living simple, I love simplifying other people’s problems! “I found a simple solution, quit over thinking” “it’s simple just do it” “I hear well you make it sound simple.” because it is! So why have I struggled to write about it? simple I love it and I wanted it to be great so I put too much thought into, I did too much and it made absolutely no sense.. Just write it.

I’m not 100% happy with this but simply put I don’t care 🙂

“Any darn fool can make something complex it takes a genius to make something simple” -Pete Seegar-


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