Somebody asked me a question one time, it changed the way I look at things and completely threw me off, we was sitting in class near the end of the year and he asked me what I was, he said to me “what are you?” and I gave the answer I thought he should already know I told him “I am a human born native of the great planet earth, ya know that third rock from the sun.” He kind of looked at me funny and said “No I mean what are you are? Are you Goth? Emo? Prep? Hipster? or a tom boy? Because every day you wear something different, one day you’re wearing the baggy Tripp pants and the next you have on Abercrombie.” That totally confused me, I never put a label on myself, sure people have called me different names and have labeled me what they wanted, except this guy he was just as confused as me, but I always ignored them I never put any thought into it, so I finally answered “I’m myself, I am Faith, I’m not Goth, I’m not a prep a hippie or a tomboy I wear what I like what looks good or just comfortable on different days.  I dye my hair different colors just to see what it will look like, I listen to all different music, I talk to all different “types” of people, the labels I understand are labeling people’s personalities, the feeling you get at the first contact.” He sat there still looking confused but I could tell he was thinking hard, I guess because that’s how people think you stay in a certain group and that group is labeled, majority of the world are just like him.  After explaining that I am not confused or fake I think he had started to understand what I meant.  “So tell me, the way you dress is about the same everyday have you never looked at a different style liked it and wondered how you would look? Go for it, it won’t change who you are nor will it change your friends.”  I don’t think I changed his perspective but after that we worked together on a couple of projects and we had discussions about what we were learning in class.  We never really became friends and that’s ok I like the little connections like that, little moments and random people you connect with for a short time in life.


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