Into the shadow

Well no word one post for today, I spent the morning cleaning up and I did write captains word of the day but it is rather long and I didn’t get the chance to finish it until I got off work so I bid all goodnight I’m exhausted and it will be posted tomorrow, but I will share a quick little thing I wrote before I give into slumber


I will not stand in the shadows and watch my people fall, I will fight, I will build an army, and though I will still be a shadow I will no longer stand in them, I will bring light to the world and most importantly to my people, and although my army will be small it will be powerful, and the world will see that the shadows they hid from were right all along, my army of the ones forced into the shadows will be bathed in nothing but light when we rise. and never again will religion control our minds, and never again will the minorities be pushed around, the dark veil that covers the world will be lifted, and when the victory bell is rung, back into the shadows I will go.


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