Broken wings

Broken wings of an angel

She tries to fly

But she just can’t get into the night sky

The stars shimmering so bright

Her eyes filling with tears

The blood from her wings

Stain the white feathers

Her body falls to the ground

The dirt stains her gown

As the rocks dig into her knees

The palms of her hands

Bloody from the strings she holds so tight

She’s scared but she won’t admit this fright

She screams out in pain

But she swears it’s all because of a thrill

Her eyes pour with tears

Her hands held over her face

She tries to hide this pain

What to do she thinks

Crazy thoughts of suicide float through her mind

Just like those puffy white clouds do in the summer sky

Her eyes are so watery

She can’t even see

She cries more

The moonlight won’t let her hide

The stars shining bright

Bring a slight twinkle in her eyes

One tear dries on her stained white dress

While the others leave stains on her soft pale cheeks

She begs to keep this pain

Between you and me


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