A poem about the younger me 

She won’t stay

Cause me pain

Lick my tears away

Cause my brain to do crazy things 

Shrink my heart 

Watch the blood pump through my veins 

Say what you wanna say 

It was supposed to be this way 

My hands are so small and cold

My body trembles in the sun

Sweats in the snow

Why do you want me to grow old?

A careless teenager 

With a box of rocks 

I throw one at those who choose to talk 

My mind has been taking over by a monster 

A darkness held inside me 

She wants to demolish the obstacles in my way 

So all this would last forever 

But I know she won’t stay 

This is a poem about me when I was in my dramatic dark teenage years, my writing style back then was dark, depressing and a bit scary to read now.  I decided to write a poem about that and here it is



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