Changing the world

I was listening to someone talk about helping someone out, something they don’t normally do how it made them feel, making one small difference to someone they barely knew gave him a purpose if only for a short time or who knows maybe a lifetime.  He said to me “I could tell by her face I changed her life, I made a dream of hers come to life.  I made this huge difference in her life doing something so small, I never would have thought it would impact her and me so much.” Looking at him I said “It’s always the little things that make the most difference, things people view as trivial, obsolete, and unimportant or just blow off, all these little things we do or say they are what makes the “big” things so big and great.  It’s the little things I live for.”  I could see something spark inside of him like he got it then.  “Your right that makes so much sense, it’s like building a model car but without instructions you have a ton smaller parts but once you put them all together you have a bigger object you have a car.”  To that I replied “Hey you’re getting now, it’s the same with people, you don’t get instructions you either already know or you learn.”

He said something else to me that had me thinking, he said “When I saw that light shine in her eyes, the smile and yes the tears of happiness I thought all it takes is one small thing to do that, I can do these things more often, I can change the world we all can!”

Change the world? everyone thinks they can change the world.. Can the world be changed? could the little things make such a difference to this gigantic world? Yes only if everyone was free from judgement, intolerance and hate we could change the world to a MUCH better place.  Wouldn’t be perfect and I know everyone wouldn’t be happy..  I believe he sensed something was going on in my head with his last comments, probably because my blank stare or furrowed brows because he interrupted my thoughts “whats going on in that mind of yours faith?”

I snapped out of my daze of thoughts, looked at his confused face and I told him, “The world cannot be changed, now hear me out I am not trying to discourage you, when you helped that one person out you changed her, you changed her world for the better, you made it a better place and you’ll go on to help other people and change their lives.  Who knows maybe they’ll pass it on, they’ll go do something  life changing for someone else.  They could do something indirectly maybe they’ll write a book, movie or maybe a song that will that will help someone.  Your one small act of kindness could have a chain reaction like so but to change the world, everyone and I mean every single human would need to embrace diversity, have tolerance, believe all the same things.  We would have to rid the world of evil, hate and indifference and I stress again that everyone would have to because one persons negative actions could have the same chain reaction that your kindness had.  So instead of working on changing the entire world lets just focus on changing the world for the people around us.”


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