A shadow left in the dark

So close, yet so far 

A lost soul a sour heart

One person without a desire 

My body still on fire 

My love was lost 

You disappeared without a trace 

I ran around trying to escape 

A place held in my heart

I am just a shadow 

But I was left in the dark 

In the depths of the nights warm soul 

I tried to hide 

But the diamonds in your eyes hurried to find

Sent away to another place 

I was confused and waiting to be used

I saw your face 

And I couldn’t wait to get to know 

Even if you had to leave me alone 

Even if I got lost in the cold

I would wait 

Because I thought I knew you’d be there 

I thought you’d see my footsteps 

And follow me back 

Back to a safe place where I could stay


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