Writers Block 

This is Thomas aka roady our beautiful Tom cat, when I first moved in here he hid in a window and meowed all the time, was shy, hidden and as they say not him self at all.  I had an instant connection with this cat he was intriguing and I wanted to break him down and bring him back out of his turmoil, it was a personal mission I refused to fail.  It took a month or so of me living here, a few scratches and angry hisses later to bring him out of his dislike of me and the rest of the house it seemed.  I would go spend a few minutes a time sitting by his window with him, brought him food was water because he refused to eat and touch as close to him as I could, meow with him, hiss with him and stare out that awful window.  When he finally started creeping out of that room and off that hated window sill we were all happy and shocked and tried to not pay much attention to it, I’d still meow at him and talk to him, very slowly after leaving his safe place his real personality started to shine.  To everyone’s surprise he stayed by my side, cuddled with me at night and became my lap cat, as the roommates said that is different he don’t cuddle, he likes people and he likes to talk when someone walks close to him.  I love this cat, love cuddling, I love having conversations with him (yes it’s like a conversation when you get him going) he greets me when I walk in the door, his big eyes are very expressive he is all around expressive.  Now Mr thomas has a thing where he likes to lay on my notebooks if I put one down, my roommate said it looks like he is protecting it.  This morning as I was writing he kept jumping in my lap and laying right on the pages, I even put another notebook down beside me and placed him on it but no right back in my lap, so I placed two notebooks down for him and after five attempts I got him to stay on those.  Maybe he did not like the subject I was writing about? Is that the true definition of writers block? A 15 pound Tom cat? 


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