This has got to be the most beautiful protest, sit in I have ever read about.  I get the honor to watch this stream, I’ve watched the count go from 1.1k to almost 8k now in about 30 minutes time, history is in the making and it is absolutely beautiful.  I don’t usually get into politics, I’ll read the arguments and the articles but my comments stay with in the walls of this house, what I am seeing streamed live by these senators because the cameras were turned off is inspiring.  Polictians are known for showing no true action rarely is something actually done, pre wrote speeches, news conferences, interviews and ads are placed all around while they claim to have a voice and they are fighting for change, but we barely see it, well we are seeing it now, I d the people with the negative comments would just for once listen they would see that they are not doing this to ban runs altogether, they are fighting for stricter gun laws, they are fighting for the safety of the American people, they are not trying to “take my guns”  This sit in is not something we expect from members of the house but it is something we can all respect, admire and watch knowing they do actually care, they can take action, they are doing what the people elected them to do and it’s amazing.

I am not against guns, I own a gun myself and I don’t believe they should be outright banned, but with that being said once I waited 1 month for a background check to come in for a job but it only took me 30 mins to walk out with the mentioned gun.. How can people not see a problem with that? How can people believe that it’s ok to sell a gun to people with a history of violence that’s was not considered a felony? To men and women on the no fly list? To the mentally unstable? Stricter gun laws will save lives, yes I know people will still be able to illegally get a gun but if your hold all gun owners responsible for that gun they purchased for themselves it’s less likely they are going to sell or trade it, make everyone register there weapons, hold insurance on their guns, they will think twice before handing it off.

Stand or sit tall dems! Inspire and make a change.  You have the support of many and I admire your courage and your fight.


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