Breaking free, turns out it’s easy

Yes, I’m doing fine

If anyone has the mind to inquire

You see, the weight of the world

It no longer brings me down

But wait, let me clarify

It’s not the whole world you see

No, just the weight of yours

Your heavy burden no longer keeps me grounded

Look and see my wrist are free

Those chains and locks

Well I found the key

All along it was inside of me

Kudos to you dear, you hid it well

They kept me in place

Looking around with no way to escape

At least, that is what you had me think

I smile now, this was no catastrophe

One look inside and I laugh at this pseudo tragedy

As I look behind all of that

High up on your concrete shrine

I saw this light, I noticed it’s shine

Too far out of reach

Then I realized you had unknowingly gave me all that I need


The chains, the locks, the weight of your life

It was more than enough

To tear this prison down

As I watched it all fumble to the ground

The light never lost its place

Shining brighter through the rubble

That’s where I found your once hidden key

I’ve never felt so alive now that I’m free

What about that mess I made?

Well darling, that’s yours to clean
























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