A cowards move, a child’s pain (Possible trigger)

I wonder why you love to bring misery?
Your own life, is it unsatisfactory?
With a wife and three kids
Who were there no matter what crimes you’d commit
She was 15 you were 38
How could claim it was an honest mistake?
Baby, do you remember what we talked about?
You whispered as you looked her way
Those are the words that have stuck in her head
It was the pain pills you had said
You left her and your kids alone in that room
Wait, what is happening now?
To explain to your wife how you was confused
She went back a few years
Remembering how you fought her tears
She could hear all the commotion around her
She knew physically she was right here
Her mind was taking her so many places elsewhere
You used to hold her while she cried
Took her hand and stood proudly by her side
You brought her courage when she was scared
You taught her how to hold her head up and fight all her fears
There are whispers in the hallway
What are they doing? Planning their escape?
She couldn’t keep up it was all too much
She is crying now remembering your touch
Going back and questioning every single hug
You were the one she ran to when life was too tough
Why are people yelling? Everyone shut up
She needs it quiet, her voice she couldn’t speak
She had to stay in her head, she knew she was weak
She was in the past remembering all the good
It was shielding her, that she understood
All the time spent with your family
She was one of you, all those times she was happy
What do you mean? Who has to go?
You had just came back, saved her from old ghost
One year earlier, remember you were the first to see those scars
She came to you uncovered her neck and showed you the marks
The anger in your eyes, she watched turn into a fatherly hurt
The fear you seen in her eyes changed the anger in your heart
You failed to protect and swore it would never happen again
As you held her in your arms and promised this wasn’t the end
It’s the middle of the night
Why is everyone talking?
She heard her mom ask them to stay
Why didn’t she understand the had to go away?
The last time they left quietly
She found the house empty, they left only a note
Emergency, they had no choice but to go
They came back for her at just the right time
They came back and saved her when her best friend died
When she couldn’t take the pain anymore
Everyone was too busy to notice she was gone
She wanted to speak but silence was all she found
She was lost, there she was bound
She was the one hurting, why did no one care what she thought?
Somewhere in her mind she heard noise, did the truck just start?
This can’t happen, they need to be stopped
If they leave now, they’ll never be caught
She used to ride in that truck
They drove her far away from there to prove to her she wasn’t stuck
They traveled the country
He had her in his custody
Why did he wait? So many opportunities
What was so special about today?
The house was quiet now, she heard the tires screech away
She still couldn’t move, alone at last
It’s not safe to drive that fast
Curvy roads filled with heer
What happens if they wreck?
She glanced around the empty room, what happens next?
It’s been a long time since she was left alone
This is how it should be, this is her home
A knock on her door, her mom pleaded for her to talk
Mom she is tired after all it’s two o’clock
What happened? Why did they leave? Tell me are they running from something?
They are running from me she wanted to say
No, don’t speak you can’t
Will the cops come? They can’t she has to hide
No, no can know she has to change
She remembers the last they came, it wasn’t too long ago after all
They took her clothes for processing, violating her again
Processing? what an awful way to describe the aftermath
For the first time she since she woke and felt him she could move
This is what it’s like to feel
In a hurry she hid her pants, those are her favorite pants
Now no one would know she could forget the pain
She crawled into their bed, awaiting the new day
No sleep, no smile, no tears
For the first time, she felt no fear








What could only be a dream

I had a dream she asked me to write, write down all the words I had ever said to her, she told me she loved despite anything else she had ever said to me, she had never asked anything from me; I happily obliged over excited. I dreamt that despite what she said she would give me my happy ever after, not the fairy tale version, she knew I loved them but that was never what I wanted. I dreamt that I would write it all down, despite the amount of time it would take. In my dream she sat beside me, almost touching; as I watched her eyes skim over the pages replaying every moment. I watched all the different emotions play across her face, the smiles, the bowed eyebrows in confusion, I watched the anger play across her face, a smile, every tear that fell down my face matched hers, a smile. I dreamt that her smiles were my second favorite moments as I watched every emotion. I hated watching tears run down her face knowing I had put them there, she would scoot a little closer to me and grab my hand; we had never been this close before, my thumb would gently stroke across the back of her hand, soft and tired, a smile would start to form, in the moments I had made her cry were always followed by a smile, I’ve always had that ability, her smile too addictive to allow the frown to make home on her face. I dreamt that those were my favorite moments, despite how bad the pain was I could always make a smile grace her. I dreamt that she looked at me with a half smile, her hand still locked in mine she whispered to me “this is not enough.” Unsure of what she could possibly mean, those were all the words I had said to her I was sure of it, I dreamt that the look in her eyes was not one of disappointment because I had forgotten something I had said, there was a sadness there for words I had never spoke to her, only she did not know herself where this sadness was coming from. Knowing I had to keep the smile on her face, I made the missing words into a scavenger hunt, I hid verses all over the house of words that were meant to spoken now. I watched as she playfully searched the house, she found the first verse hidden in the coffee pot, I watched the confusion play through her eyes, she couldn’t remember me ever saying that to her, her eyebrows shot up, a crooked grin lit her face as she realized what she was looking for; with a new excitement for this game she kept up the search. She found the second verse buried in the freezer, hidden under the Ice Cream no one really ate, the third verse was carefully placed in one of her notebooks, that verse was meant to be wrote into one of her stories; it belonged there. I dreamt that she spent the next hour searching for the final verse, I watched and waited as she grew tired and impatient and on the verge of giving up. She looked at me angry and desperate to read the final verse, I dreamt that I walked over to her a smile across my own face, I grabbed both her hands despite her anger and urge to pull away from me, I felt her body loosen as I pulled her close to me “It’s here” I said as I spoke words that could only be true “I love you” her smile. I dreamt that.. well it’s my dream, somethings are meant for only me.


Forcing someone into the world of others will always be wrong, they’ll come to realize how far they are from where their passions rightfully belong.  I have a vision and mind that is creative with no holds, turning blank pages into art with daily thoughts from me.  The poems on this former white paper showing only lines are far from just words, creating verses that will make you think and have you saying ‘She’s good at this.’  Like the blood that flows through everyone’s veins giving oxygen to pump your heart, bringing life you’ll come to see I am the same because I was made for this.  Organizing words in a way that may only make sense to me is the only way I have ever known how to express this amazing chaos I keep hidden under my chest.  No longer can I allow my creative mind to lay at rest, I have been there before I know what happens next; a lifetime of nothing but shame and regret.  I have broken free from a so-called reality I thought I belonged to, a dream planted in the minds of all the children who were left behind.  We are all from the home of the brave, so they say but none of us were ever really free.  They gave us prescriptions to alter our minds, making us believe in a lie they call reality, forcing our lives to be as fake as Ken and Barbie.  No thanks, that is not the life for me I will protect my sanity, my will belongs to me.  No longer believing if I were someone else I would be happy.  I no longer feel lost because I am no carbon copy of those who tried to program me.  Being different is a gift that I made for myself, all you need to know is you have failed at controlling me.  Keep that in mind as you read through these pages of my words that I have thoughtfully arranged, these words are the only reason I have ever known me, the sole reason your attempt to brainwash never came to be, if you decide to read on I have only two words of advice; read carefully.

Nothing is bliss

Haha look at me I am nobody
I sleep where I lie
I believe nothing is set in concrete
You’ll find that I am quite shy
I think of much deeper thoughts
That I’ll never speak
Life is profound, imagination, ideologies
I lack luster, taste and apathy
Most days I see, I hear and I feel
With the eyes, ears and heart of another
Confusing not knowing which emotions belong to me
Spirituality? No, psychology
I do not worry about an empty sky
No god above no devil below
Do not pity me because I cannot see the false reality
Or this love in my heart
No hate for the enemy
Your feelings towards my lifestyle show your handicap-never mind
It’s just as invisible as my minds interpretation of your moral interactions
This is meaningless
Yet we keep on, we persist
Form that line, find your place to stand
Read the signs
Your brain must be this small to fit in
In the world today who needs common sense?
What do I know? Do not follow my lead
Read above I am nobody
Because when I am nothing I feel bliss

Welcome to my world

Come in, have a look into my world

Be careful please step over my crumbled dreams

Welcome to my world desolate and lonely

Listen carefully to what I say

My screams are soundless

My voice silenced by all my words

My heart black as coal

So you should think

Welcome to my nightmare

Over here you’ll find a building 

This is my shelter for sadness 

My safeguard of war

Don’t touch the cracked glass

Your blood doesn’t belong here

Take my hand I’ll lead you to the beach

Frigid sands of damaged hope and sorrow

No castles were ever built here

No time to play I have somewhere to be 

This is my world

Once bright with love and innocence

Don’t strain your eyes to see

It’s now lies and deception 

Conceal my vision 

To cloak the horror I see

At times I wish to die

The void is calling out to me

Cover your ears you don’t need to hear

Welcome to my punishment

Asylum to the darkness 

Home of the corrupt

The forgotten sands often call for me

I cannot disregard it 

I fade into the dark

Have you realized yet?

You cannot see what I see 

This is my burden 

My smile stolen by the beast 

The one who demolishes my peace

No hope for me

No escape from this torment 

The screams haunt me in the only shelter I know 

The darkness there will always captivate me

Do not speak of what you may see 

The beast scornful laugh 

It bleeds into me

His hands covered in blood

The blood is dry 

Welcome to my dream 

He doesn’t yet know you are here 

The ill beast eyes are burning black 

His forbidden voice tells me I am dead 

I smell him

His horrid breath smells of death 

I cannot save me 

The agony he brings 

My heart begs to be torn out 

I built a place for you to run 

It’s untouched 

To save you from all the lives here 

The beast has done this so many times before 

It is my blood the covers his hands 

How sacred he whispers in my ears

Each time you are mine 

He sighs, close to me 

I control your world 

It happens again 

You make it easy for me 

Welcome to my world

Leave now 

Before you get lost 

You don’t want to meet the beast that follows me


I don’t want to be haunted by the past

By your harmful words and actions

Although you see no wrong

You expect forgiveness all the same

I should just let everything go

We are family, we share the same blood

I wouldn’t take a bullet for a friend who has done me this way

Why should I allow you another chance to aim?

I am wired to forgive

But that wire has caught fire

I lit the match

You sparked the flame

The past is the past

I should just let it go

Your words and actions today

All sound the same

I am left in a seemingly endless cycle

Not stuck between wrong and right

More should I try to fix this?

It’s impossible when you see no wrong

Leaving me to take the blame

Most days I know I should walk away

Twenty eight years is a long time spent full of doubt and questions

I know all the answers

But my mind is still full of shame

I’m left here alone pacing and anxious

I can’t understand why I fight myself day after day

I shouldn’t care about this pointless pain