No cure

I’m a maniac don’t leave me alone

To you I’m nauseated from an illness unknown

There’s no antidote for me

Considering I am ahead of my time

You can only see what’s in front of your eyes

This madness is with me standing in line

As we all wait to be apart of another victim less crime

Life’s fall apart because we choose to pretend

Countdown with me as we wait for the end

My insanity knows we can set another trend

Stand beside me if you have a hand to lend

You can’t hide from this

It’s like pulling your own teeth

For we suffer so much just to find whatever is underneath

Whatever it is that covers the truth

Buried alive within the sands of time




Your body 

Your eyes

Your lips

Oh those legs 

The way you talk 

The way you move 

Your personality

Your insecurities

Your nervous tendencies

And that smile that’s enough

I could end this now.. That smile 

Your laugh 

It’s the most addicting sound 

I will not forget your heart 

Or your doubt 

Your mind-the way it works 

Astonishing I could listen to you talk for hours 

About your passions your dreams

Stories of the past and former loves

Any subject for hours 

You are inspiring 

You are everything 

You will never know 

How much I cherish.. No adore 

No admire…. Wait how amazed I am 


I love you 

You will never know 

You will never feel it back the same

I don’t care though 

Simply because 


You however that’s enough 

In my dreams

In my dreams I see you

Do you see me? 

For the longest time I thought you hated me

Is it true?

Should I believe what I think and see 

With these crazy eyes?

You told me on the phone you loved me

We’re you for real?

Or did you say just to be thrilled?

All these questions I just don’t know

Am I just another one of your games?

They told me not to trust you

They said don’t let her break your heart

I should have listened but what do they know?

If I’m just another 

I guess I got what was coming to me 

Another broken piece of what’s left of my heart